Masters in Pedagogy and Practice
We are also developing a range of support for those who are intersted in mentoring and developing qualifications in this area - this might be a UoHull certifcation or M level credits.
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Many commentators agree that, as in other countries, teaching should be a masters level profession as it:

  • offers opportunity to continue the academic studies you began on your PGCE,
  • allows you to carry out research in your institution (see the report from BERA on the need for research active teachers - and the recent Carter review which also highlighted the importance of teachers being engaged with and doing research)
  • is excellent professional development.

To this end we have developed a Masters in Pedagogy and Practice degree aimed at:

  • Those who have completed their PGCE with us on the UoH courses (Early Years, Primary or Secondary),
  • Those who have completed their PGCE with us on a SCITT programme,
  • Those who have completed a PGCE in a different institution and are now working in a partner school,
  • Those who have APLable credits - more about this
Click if you do not have any M level credits but are interested in pursuing a Masters

We are thinking of this as being a "professional" masters rooted in developing your own practice and that of your institution using evidence based research. This will allow you to develop a project in your institution in an area that you have a passion for and we will provide the research methodology and pedagogic frameworks to support your project giving it the academic rigour, reliability and validity. We will encourage you to share your research through publications and conferences.

The working plan for the MA(PP) can be seen below. The three entry pathways are for those that have a UoH PGCE, those who have another PGCE and those who could APL credits (click on images for bigger picture).

Overview Structure Assessment Cycle of the Year Costs Good PD
Download a copy of the marketing leaflet (PDF - 380kb) - or see a Prezi about the course
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