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Unit 1 - The role of the mentor
An introduction to mentoring and coaching – allowing individuals to explore the role that they will play when working with their trainee teacher. The session also facilitates the examination of the skills required to mentor/coach effectively and should encourage individuals to start to consider their own skills and abilities.

When considering the role of the mentor you should reflect upon:

  • What is the different between mentoring and coaching?
  • Which of these roles will you fulfill?
  • What are the skills of the mentor / what are the skills of a coach?
  • Developing you own model of mentor
    • Understanding the needs of the process
    • The teaching standards - their roles
    • The weekly mentor meeting - structure and roles
    • Documentation


  • Document analysis
  • Written piece on the role of the mentor (personal perspective)
  • Short video piece of the difference between coach and mentor
  • Action plan on skills development / PD needs

M level assessment

Core Q: What is the differences between mentoring, coaching and co-coaching and what opportunities do these provide for personal and professional development.

Support Resources

Teachers TV: Mentoring and CPD

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